Followers away from legalization of exact same-gender partnerships wanted to grant him or her the same liberties since the marriage ceremonies

Followers away from legalization of exact same-gender partnerships wanted to grant him or her the same liberties since the marriage ceremonies

The outcomes of one’s Mann–Whitney U try shown statistically tall sex-relevant difference in the latest respondents’ answers per of assessed comments on respond to shipment, that have p lay due to the fact Dining table cuatro Mann–Whitney U decide to try on changeable “sex” (2019)

The results of your own Kruskal–Wallis take to getting parameters with additional classes indicate that, with regards to the accompanied assumptions you to definitely p Dining table 5 Kruskal–Wallis sample getting details: age, place of house, knowledge, and you may delivery of governmental preferences to the right-left axis (2019)

In the example of the comments, there were statistically significant correlations in the p Dining table six Spearman’s rating-buy correlation out-of questions regarding sex, many years, host to home, training, and you can political choice to the right-remaining axis (2019)

Followers off legalization away from exact same-sex relationship opposed new report one to relationship is a relationship ranging from a lady and you can men. An effective negative relationship (?0.66) is actually detailed between your solutions to comments [A] and [B]. Plus, a premier negative reliance (?0.62) are noticed anywhere between statements [B] and you will [C]. People participants which considered that relationship is actually a beneficial relationship merely ranging from a female and you may a man failed to commit to provide exact same-gender partnerships the same rights because marriage ceremonies. A strong self-confident correlation (0.71) are detailed ranging from comments [A] and you may [C]. A weak confident correlation try noted between the delivery of respondents’ answers away from statements [A] and you can [D] (0.36) and [C] and you will [D] (0.36). But not, in the case of the latest solutions of statements [B] and you can [D], a deep failing negative reliance was seen (?0.29). All indexed correlations try statistically tall having p Table eight Spearman’s rating-acquisition correlation (2019)

Regarding eldest years classification, sixty.1% of one’s respondents compared, and you can % firmly compared report [A]. In this years classification, % of the participants conveyed service to possess declaration [A]. Along with the decrease in decades, the fresh part of respondents face-to-face declaration [A] systematically dropped to the point regarding % on the twenty-five–34 years class. Throughout the youngest class, there’s hook upsurge in competitors (so you’re able to %), but furthermore the highest part of followers (47%) to have declaration [A]. Merely from the youngest many years group followers out of same-gender dating outweighed its opponents, and portion of individuals who didn’t come with opinion on this subject matter try the smallest as compared to most other classes.

Throughout the youngest age group, on % of females was indeed in support of legalizing exact same-sex partnerships, there was indeed simply % of these solutions among guys. Contained in this ages classification, 3 times as numerous women as the guys shown solid service getting declaration [A]. Only % of women regarding the reviewed age group expressed strong opposition so you’re able to report [A]; certainly guys, this thinking try indicated of the % of your respondents.

The fresh shipping out-of responses by place away from residence indicates that there was indeed statistically high variations due to the size of cities (Desk 4). A decreased (%) service to own declaration [A] try shown by the inhabitants of rural parts (having farming-centered benefit). Within class, there can be the greatest commission (%) of these not in favor of it declaration.

Therefore, the individuals participants just who defined its viewpoints just like the heart-correct, or specifically best-side, and you may voted to possess proper-side events, was basically mainly contrary to the legalization out-of same-sex unions

Education of your own respondents try a mathematically high grounds (Table 5). An obvious matchmaking is actually receive between training and you will support towards the statement in question (rho = 0.21, p


New interest in brand new legalization of exact same-intercourse unions is not acknowledged of the almost all voters in the Poland, there are clear differences in that it admiration between followers regarding personal people. This new dividing range off service to have exact same-intercourse unions clearly distinguishes the fresh thinking of voters away from leftover-side activities out-of people supporting best-wing of those. Men and women voters which outlined its opinions since kept-wing or cardio-leftover and you can just who served kept-side activities in the elections was indeed more likely to deal with exact same-intercourse registered partnerships.